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All In The Mind - ABC Radio National - Podcast extra—MDMA and its potential therapeutic use
March 22, 2018

A podcast Extra—some exciting news has just been published in the Psychiatric Journal JAMA about the potential mental health benefits of psychedelic drug research. It's likely that within the next 5 years researchers will know whether the psychoac... Radio - MMA every day - Ep. 2,645: Jessica-Rose Clark and Artem Lobov
March 21, 2018

UFC flyweight Clark co-hosted the entire episode in-studio, updating everyone on the status of her burglary case and what's next for her. UFC featherweight Lobov, who is set to face Alex Caceres on April 7 at UFC 223, called into the show to talk abo...

The Dan Dakich Show Podcast - It's time for 6 weeks of Indiana Golden Glove boxing
March 21, 2018

Another 6 week state tournament starts tomorrow night downtown Indianapolis at the Tyndall Armory so get ready for action packed Golden Glove boxing for an affordable night with friends and family.  I talked with Keith Boggs who is President of ...

Value Town - A Hearthstone Podcast - Value Town #160 - All About The Points (feat. Tyler)
March 21, 2018

This week Tyler joins ChanManV and Gaara to talk about HCT Bangkok/Oslo and take a look at the new cards announced by Iksar. They also discuss some of the hotfix news and more news from the developers. Support Value Town by becoming a patron at http...

The Tony Robbins Podcast - Are you part of the Captain Class? | The WSJ's Sam Walker on the 7 core qualities of true leaders
March 21, 2018

What do the greatest leaders of all time have in common? You may think it comes down to a certain sense of charisma or some inhuman level of talent - because that's what we've all been conditioned to think defines a leader. But superstars aren't the ...

The Bad Crypto Podcast - Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, Altcoins, Fintech and Cryptocurrency for Newbies - ICO Spotlight #23: Amsys, DataBroker Dao, IPSX, Apex Token Fund
March 21, 2018

Travis and I are fascinated by blockchain technology and how it can be used to improve the way we work and live. Today you will meet founders from four companies seeking to leverage the power of blockchain do just that. We're pleased to welcome peopl...

The Truth - The Hilly Earth Society
March 21, 2018

Some people are just too interesting to be left alone. Written by Louis Kornfeld and produced by Jonathan Mitchell. Performed by Michael Cullen. This episode was sponsored in part by: Burrow (Use the promo code THETRUTH to get $50 off your order);...